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Site Description
Why don't you sell CD's and other stuff anymore? There used to be links to Amazon and other vendors but now they are gone. We did offer links to various vendors such as Amazon as a service to our visitors. Unfortunately, we were advised that as a non-profit organization, we can no longer do that. We regret this unavoidable inconvenience.
Can you send me the lyrics of...? We have a VERY limited collection of lyrics that we are in the process of publishing. If we have the lyrics of a song, we will publish it on the artist's bio page. If you do not see a link to a lyrics page, it means we do not have it and there is no need to request it.
Can I use your text descriptions? Yes as long as it is not for commerical use AND you give proper credit for our copyrighted materials. If you have a commercial use in mind, please contact us and describe your need and we would be happy to consider your request.
Can I use your photos? The photos we publish are all the copyrighted work of others from which we have received permission to publish here. We do not own the copyright and therefor, cannot grant permission.
Where can I buy...? There are many online vendors for music CD's and music related products. We suggest that you try searching for the title or artist name using Google or other search engine. As a non-profit organization, we are not allowed to make specific recommendations.
How can I contact (email, phone or address) an artist? We do NOT have contact information of this type. Sorry.
Why is this important artist missing from the artist bio section? We are making every effort to include all the artists we think should be included here, and do it as quickly as possible. Our limited resources prevent us from listing every worthwhile artist at this time. You are welcome to send us an email suggestion an artist you think we should include but we cannnot promise if and when we may be able to act on your suggestion.
Why does it take so long for some pages that say "Coming Soon" to actually get published? Quite simply, because we do not have enough resources to do the research and writing that is needed, as quickly as we would like. You are welcome to help by sending useful information.
Do you fix or change a page if I send you a suggestion or correction? We will make every effort to fix errors and really appreciate such suggestions. To be fair, we have received suggestions to fix an error that turns out to be a difference of opinion on some subject. We cannot promise that such suggestions will result in a change to our pages but we can promise that we will give your opinion every consideration.
Can I ask a question if I don't see the answer I need here on this list? Absolutely yes!
I have some old music albums, are you interested in using or buying it? Most likely we would be interested but we do NOT have the funds to purchase such materials. However, we would be happy to get old albums, CD's, text materials, or ANY other materials that are relevant to the music of Puerto Rico, as your donation. Of course, if you make such a donation, we would publish your name and a "thank you" on our Donor page AND it is tax deductible if you are a resident of the United States.
What is the format of your music files and what program do I use to hear them? Audio files are marked and we use various formats: wav, asx, midi, mp3, ra and ram. You need to use the appropriate software to enjoy this music. See Help: Audio for more information about these programs