Monge, Yolandita

She is one of the most popular voices in Puerto Rico with one of the longest strings of hits. From her entrance onto the Puerto Rican music scene, Yolandita has maintained a position of one of the most successfulful artists in Puerto Rico.

Yolandita was born on 16 September, 1955 in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico but lived the first seven years of her life in New York City. Her career began later in Puerto Rico as a child in a radio program where her singing won her first prize in 1969. She later went on to appear in the popular local television production of “Luis Vigoreaux presenta”. Her music career was well underway despite her dream to study medicine.

At the start of 1970, Patty Records released her first album: Puerto Rico’s Poignant… Powerful… Incomparable: Yolandita Monge. The Spanish version of the Italian song “Vida” she sang on that album was a great hit from that gained her wide recognition that summer.

Meanwhile Yolandita was also performing with the well-known Argentinian songstress: Libertad Lemarque in the Radio City Theater in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and also sang in the New York City Festival of Song. Later, but still only 14 years old, Yolandita performed on the widely watched Puerto Rican television show: “El Show del Medidía”, giving her yet more positive public exposure.

Yolandita subsequently has several hit songs broadcast over popular radio, including: “Palabras de amor”, “No vale nada”, “Recuérdame” and “Siempre fuimos compañeros”. She worked in Mexico during the 70’s where she recorded for the TECA label.

In 1975, her interpretation of “Cierra los ojos y juntos recordemos” opened new doors to countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Vebnezuela. In that year, she also married Alfredo Lorenzo who is the father of her daughter Noelia. Signed by Coco Records in New York, she produced numerous recordings for that record label, such as “Páginas del alma”, “Alguien a quien se amó demás” and “Por qué diste vuelta la cara”.

Yolandita, by this time performing in such places as Carnegie Hall in New York, was contracted by CBS International for which she recorded “Al ritmo de la fantasía”, “Sola”, “La distancia”, “Acéptame tal como soy” and “Tanto amor”. Her music success however, was tempered by problems in her personal life with her divorce from Alfredo Lorenzo. In 1983 she won the Song Festival of Buga, Columbia with her song “Si”. In that same year, she also remarried; tying the knot with Balbino, whom she met in Peru and was father to Yolandita’s second daughter: Paola.

By the middle of the 80’s, she launched her Luz de Luna CD which was her definitive step to stardom. Several songs from that recording, such as “Te veo pasar”, “Señor del pasado” and “El poder del amor” immediately won the hearts of the public. Her debuts at the Club Caribe in the Caribe Hilton Hotel, and in Bellas Artes, won the acclaim of music critics. With her rendition of “El amor”, originally by Rafael Pérez Botija, won the public and made her the leading singer in Puerto Rico at that time. Her success in the Puerto Rican market afforded her the first Gold album by a Puerto Rican singer in the decade of the 80’s.

Following up her triumph with “Luz de Luna”, her next recording: Laberinto de Amor, sold Gold and Platinum. Songs from that recording such as “Ahora, ahora”, “Contigo”, “Amándote” and “Eres mágico” won Yolandita her first Grammy nomination, in the Latin category.

In 1988, her recording: Vivencias included hits such as “Débil”, “Por ti”, “Acaríciame”, “Cuando termina un amor” and “Este amor que hay que callar”. That CD also reached Gold and Platimun sales, making Yolandita the best selling female vocalist in the Latin market of the United States according to Billboard magazine.

“Portfolio”, produced with Pablo Manavello and Ricardo Montaner, continued Yolandita’s brilliant career, with hits like “Cantaré”, “Sin amor” and “Fuiste un sueño”. The artist returned to Bellas Artes and established a new record in sold out events for that venue and took the concert to Madison Square Garden, in New York City. She also received the Paoli Prize for the best music video of the year for “Fuiste un sueño”.

Yolandita has many recordings in her discography, including Mi encuentro, which served as a vehicle to cross over to the plena music form. This CD included the evocative song Solo Recuerdos. She also made a special production with “Todo depende de ti”, which served as a theme song in a anti-drug campaign and featured in various specials produced by the Banco Popular.

Yolandita has also distinguished herself as an actress. She has acted in various soap operas in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. In 1966, she was honored for her artistic work by the Senate of Puerto Rico. She also appears in the Guiness Book of World Records for her acheivement of having three concerts on the same day in different cities in Puerto Rico.

Yolandita now is happy married to Topy Mamery, her manager and father to her son Imanol.


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