Is one of reggaeton’s best known artists. Voltio (born Julio Ramos in Santurce, Puerto Rico) His nickname came to be as the result of an accident, working as an electrician he stuck his hand where it didn’t belong and got shocked. From then on everyone called him “Bombilla (Light Bulb) and “Corto Circuito” (Short Circuit), evolving into the nickname “Voltio”(Spanish word for volt).

At the age of fourteen, Voltio started rapping alongside Hector “El Bambino” and Rey 29, forming the group Masters of Funk. They didn’t release any albums, but was a major player in reggae movement. When the members went their separate ways, Voltio partnered with Karel, a close friend, and they formed Karel y Voltio. They released their debut album Los Dueños del Estilo in 2003. The album languished along with the duo’s enthusiasm.. Voltio was about to retire from the music industry, when Tego Calderón encouraged him to sign with White Lion Records, of which Tego is one of the main artists. Having taken Tego’s advice, he released the album, Voltage/AC, with the hits “Bumper”, “No Amarres Fuego” (featuring Zion y Lennox) and “Julito Maraña”. In 2005 Voltio returned with his next album, a self-titled release. It included again “Bumper” and “Julito Maraña”, and his biggest hit to date, “Chulin Culin Chunfly”, which features Calle 13, and a remix version with Three 6 Mafia. Both albums have sold well.

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