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Singer and “sonero” Victor Manuelle was born in Añasco, Puerto Rico. One of the emerging young talents of the 1990’s, he was discovered by Gilberto Santa Rosa when Manuelle lept onto the stage to sing with him. Manuelle impressed Santa Rosa and earned himself a job in his band.

Manuelle went on to perform vocals with many other notable salsa artists such as Domingo Quiñonez, Rey Ruiz, Puerto Rican Power, Eddie Santiago, thye Puerto Rican All Stars, Cheo Feliciano and Tito Allen. This experience opened many doors, and again with the help of Santa Rosa, he signed a recording contract with Sony Tropical.

Manuelle’s debut album, Justo a Tiempo appeared in 1993. Since then he has released 10 more with total sales well over 1,000,000 records, and earning him the title of “sonero de la juventud” (sonero of the young). His albums A Pesar de Todo and Ironías went gold, while his self-titled album won triple gold. Aside from hitting the top of Billboard list many times, Manuelle has also earned several awards, including Best Song (in Ecuador), the ACE award, Tu Musica, and ASCAP. In 1999, he won the “Distinguished Youngster in Music” award bestowed by the Senate of Puerto Rico.

The young star has definitely made an impact on the salsa world with his powerful voice and distinctive style in the pursuit of the salsa and sonero tradition. His success and popularity singing songs like Dile A Ella (lyrics), has led Manuelle to concert appearances throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe.

As popular as he has been as a salsa singer, Manuelle has shown his talent as an actor too, in the Puerto Rican TV drama “En el ojo del huracán”.


Traviesa (2004)

Le Preguntaba a la Luna (2002)

Coleccion de Oro (2002)

Victor Manuelle [Box Set] (2001)

Instinto Y Deseo (2001)

Exitos de Victor Manuelle (2000)

Oro Salsero (2000)

20th Anniversary (1999)

Inconfundible (1999)

Ironias (1998)

Pesar de Todo (1997)

Victor Manuelle (1996)

Solo Contigo (1994)

A Donde Iran Los Besos (1993)

Justo a Tiempo (1993)