Trio Los Panchos

The Trio Los Panchos was once an institution and now a legend in the history of Latin American music. But their fame and populairy spread even further, to places as far from their origins as Russia, Japan and China.

What made them famous was a unique melding of voices and musical instruments and a repertoire that was ideally suited to their time, such as the classic song En Mi Viejo San Juan (lyrics). A contributing factor was their ability to sing songs in styles quite diverse from the boleros and native songs that were their base; from Argentinian tangos, to Colombian cumbias.

Various talented artists appeared as member of the trio over the long course of their history. In 1944, when the group was formed in New York City, they counted with Hernando Aviles (Puerto Rico) and Chucho Navarro (Mexico), vocals, and Alfredo Gil (Mexico) playing the requinto. Gil played with the group until his death in 1981 and Navarro survived him until 1993.

Several others vocalists have come and gone over the year but all contributed to the fame the group so richly deserved. Johnny Albino, (Puerto Rico) who sang with the trio from 1958 until 1968, and Rafael Basurto Lara, who sang with them from 1976 until he was the last surviving Pancho in 1993, were the most notable of these.