Medina, Trina

Originally from Venzuela, Trina Medina has adopted salsa with unequaled energy. The daughter of Canelita Medina, also a music artist, Medina has leveraged her musical legacy with dedication and it has brought success to this talented mullata and rising star.

Her debut, self-titled album appeared in 1995 and immediately positioned Medina as a tough salsera. She sang hard and from her soul, producing great songs such as Tu Mirada.

Medina recorded her second album, Entrega“Cucco" Peña and distributed by Sony Records, it featured salsa done with energy and verve. But the album also hinted at Medina’s interest in other music genres; a world of bolero along with salsa. It was a fitting follow-up to her first album and helped establish her name as the tough and gritty songstress of the salsa world; this one softer and smoother. 


Entrega (1997)

Trina Medina (1995)