Son By Four

Veteran songwriter Omar Alfanno created Son by Four; adding singer Angel Lopez to the trio Blanco y Negro comprised of brothers Javier and Jorge Montes, together with their cousin Pedro Quiles.

The group’s first album, Preparanese was released in 1998 on the Sony Discos label. But the popular and red-hot latin pop group has risen to the top of the charts on the strength of their second album: Son by Four and on Sony Records, which included their smash single A Puro Dolor (lyrics), written by the noted Puerto Rican songwriter, Omar Alfanno.

The success of their namesake album was evident when it reached the top spot on the Billboard Latin 50 Chart but was not limited to the Latin market. The recording reached Billboard’s “Top 100” and was the only Spanish track on that chart. It appears likely that Son by Four will able to make its mark in the Latin market and successfully crossover to the mainstream Amewrican market.

The group then released Salsa Hits in 2001, also on Sony Discos, which included two songs made with Jaci Velazquez: Vida Mia, in salsa and ballad versions. In that same year, they released Purest of Pain followed the next year with their Remixes album with some of their most popular songs, including “A Puro Dolor”. Their most recent recording, Renace, was released in 2004 on the SB4 Music Group label.

In addition to their recordings, the group performed at the prestigious Alma Awards (Latin American Media Arts), recognizing talented Latin artists in the United States; sharing the stage with reknown artists such as Cristina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez and others.

Other significant performing events include appearances at the Billboard Awards, at the Premio Lo Nuestro, and more.


Renace (2004)

Remixes (2002)

Salsa Hits (2001)

Son by Four (2000)

Purest of Pain (2000)

Preparense (1998)