Sol d’ Menta

Formed in 1994, Sol d’Menta is one of Puerto Rico’s better known rock groups. Known to their fans as “Los Soles”, the band consists of Erick Seda Santana, of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and nicknamed, “Jey”, on bass guitar; Omar Abnel Hernández González, from San Sebastián, Puerto Rico and known as “Gulín, el Gallo”, on lead vocals; Miguel “Tito” Rodríguez, on guitar; and Ernesto José “Che” Rodríguez Soto, from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico on drums.

Erick Seda started his career in 1983 with the band: “Nirvana de Puerto Rico”. Influenced by a wide variety of artists such as the Doors, Lenny Kravitz, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, in the rock genre, but also trova and other artists such as Roy Brown, Silvio Rodríguez, Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, Glen Monroig, Rubén Blades and Héctor Lavoe. During his university studies Seda sang in a trova group: “Alma Latina” and later, in 1994, performed with Ricky Martin on his Central American tour.

Hernández was performing since he was 14 years old. A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico (BA in Broadcast Communications), he played in various bands and contributed vocals for Robi Rosa before joining Sol s’ Menta in 1997.

Band members Miguel Rodríguez and Ernesto José Rodríguez Soto, had similar influences and experience. Rodríguez Soto earned his Bachellor’s degree from the Interamerican University and performing with Jey in Nirvana de Puerto Rico before forming Sol d’ Menta.

The band’s unique musical style is sometimes referred to as “funkadeliopsychomenta”; classic, hard-driving rock but fused with other rhythms and styles that have influenced the band members: salsa, ska, funk, hip-hop and even trova music. The influence of the Nueva Canción is evident in the social messages in much of their work.

The group’s first album, Sol d’Menta, was released on the Polygram Latino label in 1996. Featuring hit songs such as Cachetera (lyrics) and “El Inconforme”, the album earned them immediate attention in Puerto Rico and received excellent reviews.

Their second album: El Concepto, also on the Polygram Latino label, was released in 1998. The CD included a version of Charlie Garcia’s classic song “No Voy en Tren”, and became an instant success. The band had moved to Los Angeles to work on the project which was recorded at NRG Studios. Working with the band was former member, John Avila, producer of the Oingo Boingo band.

For their next album, Tocando Madera, the group set up their own production company, recording an “acoustic” album live at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The album featured three original songs plus hits from their prior two albums. This CD won two nominations at the “Premios Tu Música”, for Best Rock Group and Album of the Year.

In 2000, Sol d’ Menta went on the “Bud Light Rock en tu Plaza” tour throughout the United States and Mexico to promote the Tocando Madera album. They also performed, along with other rock bands such as Aterciopelados and Café Tacuva, in the “Tributo a Hector Lavoe” project.

The next year saw the release of Insomnio, produced by John Avila and John Ewing Jr. The album also featured Avila on one track: “Canción de una Canción”.

The band’s latest release: Vivos follows their successful rock formula with songs such “El Principio” but includes some twists, notably the ballad, “Padre”.


Vivos (2002)

Insomnio (2001)

Tocando Madera (2000)

El Concepto (1998)

Sol D'Menta (1996)