Ruiz, Rey

The young salsa performer Rey Ruiz was born in Havana, Cuba has been a prominent figure in the romantic salsa scene, since the early 1990’s; even earning the title of the “Elvis of salsa” by some and “Bombón de la Salsa” by others.

Ruiz’ performing career began on Cuban television singing children’s songs. His clear vocal qualities drew the attention of professionals in the music business and his parents supported his apparent talent by enrolling him in the Conservatorio de Música de La Habana. There, Ruiz dedicated himself to his studies which paid off with various professional engagements. Ruiz was then singing with well known local bands in Havana, which performed in the Havana Hilton Hotel.

Ruiz later joined the prestigeous Cabaret Tropicana and defected from Cuba while on tour in the Dominican Republic in 1989. Through contacts in Miami, Ruiz moved to the United States where he quickly joined the salsa scene.

Ruiz made a mark for himself with a tender, romantic musical style and his youthful good looks. His recording career started with the self-titled Rey Ruiz in 1992, distributed by Sony Records. The album evoked the mambo style of the 1950’s and garnered platinum sales. It also won the “Billboard” and “Lo Nuestro” awards with several hit songs that drew international attention. In addition, Ruiz was named New Salsa Singer of the year by Salsa Tropical in 1993. In all, an auspicious debut outside of of his native Cuba.

Ruiz next participated in “Los Soneros de Hoy” project, which was a tribute to the salsa pioneers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The album produced by the project included Ruiz singing “Compone un Son”. Ruiz’ career was also helped immeasurably by commercial endorsement contracts with big name corporations such as Pepsi, Miller Brewing, and Sony, soon after his 1992-93 successes.

Ruiz’ second recording, Mi Media Mitad, released in 1993, was just as big a hit as his debut album had been. The album reached Billboard’s Latin List and one of its songs, “Si te preguntan”, went to the top of the Cadena Dial list in Europe. Like its predecessor, the album also reached platinum sales level in Puerto Rico and the United States, and gold in Colombia. Ruiz followed the album’s release with a highly successful international tour, with appearances in Columbia and sell-out concerts in New York’s Madison Square Garden in the “Salsa Festival”.

In 1995, Ruiz released his third recording, En Cuerpo y Alma, which was also a great success. The album included the hit songs “Estamos Solos” and Vuelve de nuevo Conmigo, selling gold and platinum, and firmly establishing Ruiz in his highly successsful career.

Ruiz next effort was the album Destino, released in 1996, marked his debut as songwriter. The album also featured songs composed by noted songwriters Omar Alfano and Ricardo Quijano. The hit single from that album, “Miénteme Otra Vez”, sold platinum, ensuring Ruiz of continued commercial success.

The following year saw the release of Ruiz next album, Porque es Amor with the hit title song and other notable songs, including “Mi Angel” and “Tu No Sabes”. This was followed in 1998 with the release of a compilation album, Exitos del Rey, the last on the Sony label, and Ya Ves Quien Soy on the Luna Negra label, produced by Ruiz himself. “Ya Ves Quien Soy” played well on radio stations in Latin America and across Latin America, particularly the hit tracks: “Yo la amaba y la amaba”, written by Ricardo Quijano, and the duet with Brazilian singer José Augusto, “Siempre Mía”.

In 2000, Ruiz again changed recording companies, releasing his next album, Fenomenal on the Bohemia Records label. The album’s style was a little more assertive, fresh and thoroughly modern compared to prior offerings but still very much embued with Ruiz’ romantic touch. This was evident in the notable songs such as the bery danceable “Muevelo”, “Amigod de Verdad” and “Desde Que No Estas”.


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