Alvarado, Reinaldo

Born in 1990, “Reinaldito” is a child prodigy still attending grade school in Coamo, Puerto Rico. He began singing at the age of six at school functions.

By age ten, he competed and won “El Concurso de Trovadores para Niños” (Children’s Troubadours Contest), a segment of the television program “Otra Cosa”. He has also participated for the past four years in the “Festival de Niños Trovadores” (Children’s Troubadours Festival) which takes place on December 25th each year in Barrio Los Llanos in Coamo.

In September of 2001, he began the project of developing a CD and completed the same in November of 2001. Alvarado took a course with Alfonso Sanabria from Salinas, Puerto Rico to develop and perfect “La Décima Escrita”, a folkloric singing style typical of the mountains of Puerto Rico. Reinaldito with the help of Sanabria and his father has collaborated on the composition of the décimas he sings.

In June of 2002, he began his second CD production, Un Gigante En La Cultura, and completed the same in July of that year. This CD was released in Puerto Rico in September of 2002 and featured the title song, Un Gigante En La Cultura. Also, in September of 2002, Alvarado was Also, in September of 2002, Alvarado was invited to audition for the part of Héctor Lavoe (as a child), in a movie production based on the famous salsa singer’s life. He was selected for the part and is currently filming for said movie in the Bélgica Sector of Ponce, Puerto Rico, where the singer was born. This project should have been completed by December of 2002.

Alvarado also sings at numerous “fiestas patronales“ held throughout the island. In 2001, he participated at the Agroferia Picú, where he performed three out of the four days that the fair lasted.

In January of 2003, he left the island for the first time in his life, to perform at the First Festival of the Cuatro in Las Vegas, where he performed to much acclaim.

Showing a maturity beyond his age, Alvarado was the featured performer in February of 2003, at the fiestas patronales on the Saturday Night prior to the World Famous San Blas Marathon. He sang at ease fronting a 25 piece orchestra, in front of more than 70,000 people. The reviews in the Puerto Rican newspapers raved about his performance and he is no longer Coamo’s best kept secret.