Nazario, Rafael

Born in Puerto Rico, singer, songwriter and pianist, Rafael Antonio Nazario now resides in the United States.

As with many musicians, Nazario has held many different jobs while trying to make his mark as a professional in the world of music; from piano salesman to teacher, actor and more. Fortunately, talent brings the hoped for success, as it did for Nazario.

The evidence is in his album, Patria Añorada; a collection of eleven ballads released in 1999, that not only demonstrate his command of the piano but that clearly emanate from his love of Puerto Rico and its varied musical traditions: plena, bomba and salsa and other influences such samba, merengue and jazz.

Nazario’s songs are soulful expressions of personal and universal experiences, composed and arranged with uncommon sensivity; all original works.

But the multi-talented Nazario is also an author; highly respected for his knowledge of wine and food. His book, “Sand In Your Shoes” (PepperSpray Press), released in 2002, shows the same fresh and original approach to his subject as his music: more than a collection of acclaimed recipes, the book includes stories in both English and Spanish that is a delightful departure from run-of-the-mill cookbooks.