Alers, Rafael

Rafael Alers was born on 16 October, 1903. He received his first mucic lessons with professors Juan F. Acosta and Angel García, and acheived mastery of the bombardino and other instruments.

He performed with the most important and reknown native and foreign musical groups, including symphony orchestras. He was director of his own dance orchestra which was quite popular in Puerto Rico and with which he recorded danzas by many different composers. The most beautiful and best known of his own danza compositions was Violeta.

By the time Alers was 30 years old, he played daily for a radio program with the orchestra of Carmelo Díaz Soler, which he took control of on the death of Díaz Soler. In 1935, Alers was inspired to compose a danza which was played on the next day’s radio broadcast. The new danza was such a hit, that a contest was created for the best lyrics submitted from the public.

The talented composer died on 20 March, 1978.