Plena Dulzura

There is arguably no better example of a typical plena band than Plena Dulzura. Deftly playing the plena genre that emerged from the grassroots, the band is smooth and professional without losing the down home, “music for the people” sound.

Photo with permission of the artist
Led by the talented Aníbal de Gracia, the band has been entertaining throughout Puerto Rico since 1985. Playing trombone, de Gracia is joined by Joe Maysonet, Sammy Ayala, Samuel Velez, Pedro de Jesus, Ruben Rivera Laye, Mario Vega, Noel Rosado, Fernando Marcano, and Osvaldo Román.

de Gracia was born on 25 May 1961 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and was keenly interested in music from an early age. He studied at the Colegio De La Salle, the Free School of Music, and the Colegio Universitario Tecnologico of Bayamón.

While their first concert was in 1985, Plena Dulzura really took off in the early 1990’s with their performance at the “Cañonas Navideñas”, where their parrandas targeted well known artists such as Francheska and Wilkins.

de Gracia has performed with many noted artists including Manolo Lezcano, Edwin Rivera, Primi Cruz, Willie Gonzalez, Ismael Miranda and Juanma Lebron, with whom Plena Dulzura completed their most recent song, Piña Colada. The talented group has also recorded many Christmas jingles for the Puerto Rican television networks Telemundo and Televicentro.

Plena Dulzura has also performed at the very popular annual Barcardi Festival. For the 25th annual event, they were the opening act and perfomed with Victor Manuelle, at his invitation. Other special events and concert appearances include the annual “Fiestas de las Calles San Sebastián”, the Three Kings Concert and the Aibonito Flower Festival.