Alfanno, Omar

Singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer, Omar Alfanno has had a great impact on salsa and popular latin music in Puerto Rico.

Alfanno has made four recordings as a solo singer, beginning in 1987, including Cosas De Barrio.. Callejon Y Esquina, Cuerpos Al Calor, Joe De Barrio and En Torno Al Amor.

He has also recorded as vocalist with Gruppo Chevere on their album, “I Love Salsa”, on “Baila, Baila, Baila, Vol. 2”, “Salsa en Grande” and with notable artists such as Jerry Rivera, Marc Anthony on his “Asi Como Hoy” album in 1996, and Luis Enrique.

But undoubtedly, Alfanno is most widely acclaimed for his skills as a songwriter and arranger and has provided songs that have been performed by some of the leading artists in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in Latin America. These include the self-titled album by Tony Vega, Marc Anthony, Alex d’Castro, Wille Colon and the hit song partial Real Audio clip A Puro Dolor (lyrics) performed by Son By Four. In contrast, partial Real Audio clip A Puro Dolor was rendered quite differently by Latin jazz virtuoso Pedro Guzmán.

Alfanno’s great talent was duly recognized in 2001 by ASCAP which awarded him the honor of Composer of the Year at their 9th Annual Awards. He was also chosen to produce the “Grammy Latin Nominees 2001” album and has produced other recording projects, such as Eddie Santiago‘s “Ahora” album in 2001. He produced three albums recorded by Son by Four: “Preparense” in 1998, “Purest of Pain” in 2000, and “Salsa Hits” in 2001.



Compositor de los 90 Omar Alfanno (1998)

En Torno Al Amor (1991)

Joe De Barrio (1987)

Cuerpos Al Calor (1987)

Cosas De Barrio... Callejon Y Esquina (1987)