Corretjer, Millie

Singer and actress, Milagros Ninette Corretjer Maldonado was born on 18 April 1974 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, but known simply as Millie, is one of the more popular of the new generation of pop and merengue stars. She began studying music by age six and since then, has well fulfilled her aspirations to be an entertainer.

Corretjer started learning music on the flute and by age ten was intent on being singer or model. By age 15, she had a her debut as a professional singer, as hostess for a television program called “La Ola Nueva”, which led to a series of TV spots dedicated to history of TV in Puerto Rico.

Her debut album Sola, appeared in 1995 on the EMI label. The album was widely broadcast by the pop radio stations throughout Puerto Rico and reached the top of the charts with the songs “Con los brazos abiertos”, “Sola”, “Estaremos juntos” and “¿Dónde te has ido amor?”.

The very next year, Corretjer recorded the hit single “Un pueblo, una canción” on the occasion of the Summer Olympics, in Atlanta. She performed the song in pre-game events in Puerto Rico, receiving wide acclaim and recognition internationally. The song was composed by singer and songwriter, Alejandro Montalbán, who was also Corretjer’s mentor in the world of music.

Corretjer’s second album, Emociones, also on the EMI label, was released the next year, 1997. It featured the title track with lyrics in Spanish written by Corretjer herself. The songs Amame and “Me equivoqué” were widely played on the airwaves.

Before the end of the millenium, Corretjer had released her third album: Amar es un juego which was marketed internationally. The album featured the hit ballad, “Una voz en el alma” and helped bring her to a concert appearance at the prestigeous Antonio Paoli concert hall of the Centro de Bellas Artes, in San Juan. She later opened for the concert apperance of internationally known Puerto Rican actor and singer, Chayanne in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.


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