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Written by: Evan Bailyn

This internationally successfull Latin pop group Menudo was formed in 1977, and consisted of the brothers Carlos, Oscar and Ricky Melendez plus Nefty and Fernando Sallaberry.

Their first album was called Los Fantasmas. Many members, more precisely over thirty, have come and gone during the years, since each member had to leave the group when they reached the age of 16.

Menudo became the first Latin group to record in foreign (not Spanish) languages. Albums were produced in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, and even Tagalo, a language spoken in the Philippines.

The group’s popularity also resulted in weekly TV-shows in Latin America and a movie shown at the Latin Theatre in New York. In 1983, a couple of performances in Mexico broke records in largest audience ever, and Menudo ended up in the “Guinness Book of World Records”. Two of Menudo’s big hits were “Quiero Ser” and “Subete a mi moto”. In 1984 the album Reaching Out was released. It had the group’s most popular songs in English versions.

Some ex-members of Menudo have tried to make it on their own, like Ruben Gomez. But the only one that developed a successful solo career was Ricky Martin. He became a member of Menudo in 1984, at the age of twelve. One of the albums featuring young Ricky is Can’t Get Enough, with songs like “No one can love you more” and Summer in the Streets.

Menudo released a Christmas CD Feliz Navidad. One of the songs is called “Chiji Navideño”. All in all, the group released close to 50 albums, including recompilations and re-releases.

Menudo was renamed MDO in the late 90’s, where the members are older than 16 and not native Puerto Ricans. Some of their more popular songs are “Ay Amor” from their debut MDO album, and another was “Baila la Rumba” from their album, Un Poco Más, released in 1999.


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