Adapted from bio at artist’s official home page.

Even before Lissette opened her eyes to this world, she was surrounded by music. Lissette’s parents, Olga and Tony (a very popular singing duo from Cuba in the 1950’s) were touring through Central and South America carrying Lissette everywhere before and after birth. Exposed to the colorful music of Los Andes and the contagious rythms of the Caribbean, she grew up in dressing rooms and television studios and had her very own first hit record in Cuba at the age of five.

To avoid Cuban communist indoctrination in schools, her parents sent Lissette and her sister Olga to the US with a program called Peter Pan, in which Cuban children were placed in differents schools, orphanages and foster homes hoping to be someday reunited with their parents. She experienced a hard life in exile at an early age and accompanied by an old guitar, one of her few possesions, she wrote her first songs.

The sisters reunited in Miami with their family after 3 years and moved to Puerto Rico where her parents were offered to have their own TV show. Lissette started singing at her parent’s show and soon she also was offered a contract at Telemundo, Channel 2 to do her own show. Soon after came a recording contract with a local label and a star was born.

Lissette created the “Lissette look,” and fashion trends like her hats and boots were worn by the women, as her music was sung by the young and the old and her marriage as a teenager to singing idol Chucho Avellanet was televised paralyzing the country for a day.

Television was always a very important vehicle for Lissette. She conducted her own show through the Telemundo Network, and was awarded prestigious acknowledgements. “The Lissette Special” with Michele Legrand (produced by Channel 4 in Miami and “Lissette and Friends” with Melissa Manchester and Liz Torres, (Channel 10,) each winning several Emmy Awards.

Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, Trop World in Atlantic City, El Centro de Bellas Artes, in San Juan, The James L. Knight and The Jackie Gleason theatres in Miami, Madison Square Garden, NY, the Miami Arena, have been some of the stages where the “showwoman” has received standing ovations from her loyal fans. She also had the leading role in a soap opera called “Solamente Tu”, and acted in 3 movies. In the classic film Winter Kills with Jeff Bridges and Anthony Perkins, Lissette sang and wrote the song for her scene.

Lissette has over twenty five albums with countless hits like: Eclipse Total Del Amor, Poema 20, Copacabana, Eva, Mal Sueño, Como Decirte, Apaga la Luz, Fuego, Lo Voy A Dividir, Doña Soledad, among others, Lissette consistently appeared in the Latin American music charts over the years.

Lissette’s most recent work is Empty Rooms. Her multi-talent, was often imitated by many evolving artists and respected by the music industry throughout her career.


Empty Rooms (2002)

En Vivo (2001)

Latin Stars Series (2000)

Amor de Luna (1997)

Cara A Cara (1997)

20 Exitos De Oro Romantico (1996)

El Encuentro (1994)

Mis Mejores Canciones: 17 Super Exitos (1993)

Canta Lo Sentimental (1993)

Martes 2:pm (1993)

Quiereme (1993)

Palabras, Palabras (1992)

Falsedad (1992)

Navidad (1992)

Maniqui (1991)

Canciones Con Historia: Sus 20 Grandes Exitos (1991)

Proyecciones (1991)

Copacabana (1991)

Caricatura (1990)

Fuga (1990)

16 Grandes de Lissette (1990)

Asuntos De Mujer (1989)

Salvaje (1983)

Perdon (1981)

Yo Te Amo (1979)

Sola (1978)

Justo Yo (1977)

Lissette (1975)

Tu Eres Esa Chica Enamorada (1974)

Ojos Tristes (1971)

Himno a la Vida (1971)

Hablame de El (1970)

Yo Creo En Dios (1969)

Vivo Creo Y Sueño (1968)

En Nombre Del Amor (1968)

La Estrella Máxima De La Canción Moderna (1968)

Agua De Beber (1967)

Dedicado Al Amor Vol 4 (1967)

Dedicado Al Amor (1967)

Entre Las Flores (1967)

Lazos Azules y Rosas (1967)

Mis Primeros Exitos (1967)

20 Grandes Exitos (----)

12 Grandes Exitos (----)