La Orquesta de la Luz

In 1990, the Japan-based salsa band “La Orquesta de la Luz” released their first album and hit the salsa scene. Within months they gained widespread recognition for the next five years.

From the first track of that debut album, they demonstrate their precision and high-energy. They are disciples of the old salsa school, with the lyrics in Spanish. The song “Salsa Caliente Del Japon” is great example of salsa and compares favoably with anything produced by Puerto Rican artists. This is equally true of “Salsa Es Mi Energia” and Descarga de la Luz on the same album.

La Orquesta De La Luz is not just the best salsa band ever to come out of Japan, it was distinguished by its terrific horn section and its idiosyncratic lead singer Nora. In the mid-90’s the band overdosed on ballads and jazzy numbers, and when they broke up Nora went back to uncomplicated old-style salsa. 


Final Concert (1998)

Sabor de la Luz (1995)

Salsa No Tiene Fronteras (1994)

Feliz Christmas (1994)

De La Luz (1994)

La Aventura (1994)

Historia de La Luz (1993)

Somos Deferentes (1992)

Sin Fronteras (----)

Salsa Caliente Del Japón (----)