Ceballo, Kevin

Puerto Rican salsa artist Kevin Ceballo was born in New York City where he showed an early interest in music. As a youth he was active in his church’s music activities and studyed piano and guitar.

Ceballo claims to been influenced by such Puerto Rican artists as Jose Feliciano, Andy Montañez, Willie Colón and Héctor LaVoe, but was also interested in R&B music. After attending the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in New York City, where Ceballo started composing, he formed a band called Genuine Image.

Ceballo went on to perform with Isidro Infante, touring with him and his band, La Elite, for 3 years and appears on Infante’s “Licensia para Enganar” album, learning much through that experience. He started his solo career with the release of his debut album, Mi Primer Amor on the RMM Records label in 2000, with songs like the title track, Mi Primer Amor. The album was well received and Ceballo was named “Revelation of the Year” by “Lo Nuestro” Awards in the Tropical category.

According to Infante, “Kevin is the complete package and you just don’t find that today.” His debut album was re-released on the Universal label in Febuary, 2002.


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Yo Soy Ese Hombre (2003)

My First Love (2001)

Mi Primer Amor (2000)