Montalvo, Kacho

Juan Carlos Montalvo Cedeño is a great example of the Puerto Rican musician that day to day lives the pride of playing the music of Puerto Rico. “Kacho” Montalvo, as he is known artistically, is well known in Puerto Rico as a great cuatro, guitar and tiple musician, composer and ethno-musicologist.

Montalvo has worked as a musician and musical producer with numerous well-known recording artists such as Danny Rivera. His work with Rivera includes the albums: “Borinquen vive”, “Alma y cantor” and “Enamorado de la Paz”. A sample of his work as arranger can be heard on the song, Voy a Llamarle Juan from Rivera’s “Borinquén Vive” album. Montalvo has also worked as a musician for Andy Montañez, José Nogueras, Andrés Jiménez and Marc Anthony.

Montalvo has also conducted extensive ethno-musicological research in isolated communities in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. He has recorded on his own label “Aguinaldo Viejo”, in 1992 and “Adoradores del Fuego” in 2002, a compilation of never before recorded folk music from the southeastern part of Puerto Rico.

Currently, he is working on a documentary and book based on his experiences and extensive research of Puerto Rican popular and folk music.