Jyve V

The five man Puerto Rican Latin pop band Jyve V includes: Jasond Calderon Vargas, Samuel Padua Pérez, Rafa (Rafael) Calderon Vargas, Alex (Victor Alejandro) Martínez Nieves and Chelo (José Oscar) Mejias Hernández. The group’s name comes from the dance style and the number of its members, although the group started with only three: Jasond and his brother Rafa, and Alex.

Their first public exposure came during a dance contest called “Battle of the Sexes” in 1997, which they won and were “discovered” in Puerto Rico at an open call for the TV show “Sueños de Fama” on the Telemundo TV network. The next year, 1998, they traveled to Miami where they also won another dance contest that was nationally televised in the USA. It led to a recording contract with EMI.

The spirited group has had two CD releases to date: their self titled debut album released in March of 2000, followed by Solar, released last November. Their Jyve V debut album, on the EMI label, includes a mix of English but mostly Spanish songs, including two composed by band members.

The songs range from pop, to tropical pop, to romantic ballad. Along the lines of N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys, Jyve V adds a Latin flavor that overflows with energy… great vocals and dance moves. Their hit song,