Ramos, José R.

José Ramón Ramos began Flamenco guitar studies at the age of 14 with legendary guitarist Adonis Puertas, of Málaga, Spain. As has been the tradition among “Flamencos”, he soon began studying the recorded music of Sabicas, Paco de Lucia and other Flamenco masters.

He performed as a soloist and with his brother Val Ramos at college venues and started playing professionally during the early-1980’s. In the mid-1980’s he expanded his ventures and collaborated with other Flamenco artists, including singers, dancers and guitarists mostly in the New England region.

He has been teaching Flamenco guitar privately for over 20 years, recently transcribing much of the material he teaches. He is currently a faculty member at American Institute of Guitar in New York City and has also taught at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Ramos’ collaborations with American flamenco artists in the northeastern region of the United States, both as a recitalist and as a “cuadro” guitarist, have had such venues as The Thalia Theater, Merkin Concert Hall, RegattaBar, The Village Gate, Educational Center for the Arts, The Little Theater, SpringFest International, Artspace-at-ECA, LaMama ETC, Shubert Theater and numerous art galleries and colleges.

Ramos has been featured in three CD releases with The Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble and other recordings. He and Val have appeared on cable TV programs, more recently in “Entertainment New Haven”.