Mangual, José “Buyú”

Latin jazz legend, José Mangual, known as “Buyú”, was born on 18 March, 1924 in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. More than a great musician, Mangual inspired others by his example: persistence and dedication to his art.

Mangual demonstarted a love of music early in his youth, listening to mostly Cuban music: rumbas, guarachas, and son montunos. From that music he took an interest in playing the bongos and taught himself to play on makeshift instruments made from tin cans.

By age 10, Mangual showed such talent and skill that was playing professionally. A few later, in 1939, Mangual moved with his family to New York City. There, he adapted to the music scene, often playing in small clubs and establishing his reputation as a gifted percussionist.

Latin, Afro-Cuban” music would soon explode in New York and reverberate throughout Latin America, the rest of the United States and indeed, the world. Mangual was at the epicenter of that seismic event, playing the