Alberto, José “El Canario”

Salsa vocalist, José Alberto, also known as “El Canario”, is noted for his exceptional voice, unique style and superior improvisational skills. He was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 22 December 1958 but moved with his family to Puerto Rico when he was just seven years old. There, he enrolled in the Las Antillas Military Academy where he pursued his musical studies.

His great musical abilities were a factor in opening doors for him. He moed to New York City in the early 1970’s where he became a distinguished figure in many popular orchestras of the time, such as Típica ‘73, with which he was musical director.

The experience he accumulated made him a musical leader, and garnered international attention. In 1983, he hired a well-known group of musicians and formed the Jose Alberto “El Canario” y Su Orquesta; the most spectacular and danceable group in New York.

His first solo album, Dance With Me was released in 1991 was quite successful, with romantic lyrics carried by driving, energic salsa arrangements. His success continued the next year with three in 1992: Mis Amores, Sueno Contigo and Llego la Hora, all the Discos CBS label.

Alberto’s 1994 release, De Pueblo y Con Clase, was on the Sony label was an equal success and was followed by On Time. Released in 1996, the album included several notable songs such as A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy.

The next year (1997), Alberto signed with RMM Records and inaugurated their Tropical catalog. He released Back to the Mambo: Tribute to Machito followed by several compilation albums over the following few years: Serie Cristal: Greatest Hits (1997), Mis Mejores Canciones (1998), Palladium Series (2001) and three more in 2003; Best, The Best... and Serie 32.

Widely acclaimed internationally for his unique voice but even more so, for his improvisations, Alberto has performed with many great contemporary artists including Johnny Rodriquez, Mario Rivera, Nicky Marrero and Celia Cruz. His recordings include many that sold gold and platinum.



Oro Salsero (2003)

The Best... (2002)

Serie 32 (2002)

Best (2002)

Palladium Series, Vol. 2 (2001)

El El Canario (2001)

Diferente (2001)

Herido (1999)

Mis Mejores Canciones: Exitos (1998)

Serie Cristal: Greatest Hits (1997)

Back to the Mambo: Tribute to Machito (1997)

On Time (1996)

De Pueblo y Con Clase (1994)

Sueno Contigo (1994)

Mis Amores (1992)

Llego la Hora (1992)