Albino, Johnny

Johnny Albino was born on 19 December 1919 in Yauco, Puerto Rico and at a very early age showed great interest in music and loved to sing.

In the United States army during World War II, Albino served in the Corps of Engineers and studied communications as a telegraph operator. But he also found a way to pursue his interest in music by forming a quartet and singing U.S.O. sponsored events for the servicemen.

In 1946, Albino formed his first trio with Jaime Gozilez, first guitar, and José Ramón Ortiz, second voice. The group debuted in New York City.

Albino’s claim to fame came as a vocalist with some of the most famous trios of that age. With the Trio San Juan, he sang such well known, and now classic songs as “Cosas como tú”, “No sigamos pecando”, “Plazos traicioneros”, Vuelve Cuando Quieres and “Por el bien de los dos”. The group had its own unique sound; quite different from the arch-rival and internationally famous Trío Los Panchos. The trio sand guarachas, pasodobles, boleros, and many songs composed by noted songwriter of that era, Chago Alvarado. Alvarado was second voice in the trio and blended well with Albino and Martínez.

Albino later joined Trío Los Panchos, replacing lead vocalist Julito Rodríguez. His first appearance with them was as first voice in a concert in Buenos Aires. He sang with the trio from 1958 until 1968 and met with great success in that role, known in the United States as well as thoughout Latin America, Europe and Asia, including Japan, where he recorded two albums in Japanese. Albino appeared in nationally broadcast television shows in the United States, such as Johnny Carson and Ed Sullivan. He also performed with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Xavier Cugat, Nat King Cole and Steve Lawrence. He also perfomed with Eydie Gormé, included two albums they recorded together, without the rest of the trio.

After leaving Los Panchos due to an acrimonious falling out that was characterized by legal suits and counter-suits, Albino went on to record with with several other trios and solo; always maintaining the clear and strong vocal qualities that made him such an essential ingredient to the success of the earlier trios he is always associated with.

Albino’s discography includes more than 300 albums over a long and illustrious career. He also performed on numrous concert tours throughtout the world in places like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, and throughout Europe and Latin America.

Most recently, with a prefectly preserved voice, Albino joined with Julito Rodríguez in 2000 to commemorate the famous Trío Los Panchos and the hit songs from their respective eras with the band. Today, Albino lives in New York, dedicated to his family and to music.



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