Rosario, Ismael

A Puerto Rican trumpeter who decided to make playing the trumpet and music his life based on the influence on him by his guitar playing bohemian grandfather, the Cuban danzones that he had heard and the movies that featured Louis Armstrong. Then, as a youngster, his mother enrolled him in the Free School of Music in his hometown of Caguas, where he studied with the great teachers of that school, like: Alexis Trinta, Juan Pacheco, Andres “Maco” Torres y Julio Ortiz, of whom he was eternally grateful.

Of the “Free School” in Caguas, Rosario felt quite proud and has many beautiful memories and many of his schoolmates went on to great professional music careers, such as virtuoso trumpeter, Charlie Sepulveda, Hector Lopez another great trumpeter, pianist Domingo Garcia, Moises Nogueras, trombonist with El Gran Combo, cuatro player Pedro Guzmán, and Abel Figueroa, Carlos Santana’s trombonist.

Rosario’ career began as a member of the “Compani” band at the Panamerican Games in 1979. Two years later, he joined the Caguas Municipal Band and played with various local bands such as Carlie Soto y su Combo, Darwind Santiago y la Puerto Rico “74”, La Ideal with their singer, “El Lupo”, who filled in for famous singer, La Lupe with the Tito Puente Orchestra, and the Caguas Jazz Workshop, directed by the unforgettable maestro, “Maco Torres”.

He also got the opportunity to accompany various artists in their performances, such as La Lupe, Tito Gomez, Richy Ray and Ismael Miranda when they performed on the island.

In 1982, Rosario moved to New York with the “Guancho y Miguelito Orchestra” after the band went on without Wilfrido Vargas, and began to study with great trumpet masters such as, Roy Roman, Jeromth Calett and Hector “Bomberito” Zarzuela, who introduced him to other artists in the New York scene such as Hector LaVoe, El Conjunto Clásico, Ray Barretto and La Gran Manzana.

When he returned to Puerto Rico in 1993, he formed a band called “Grupo Claro Moreno” together with the talented singer Mariela, working the hotel industry.

In 1995 he joined the Caguas Department of Culture and at the same time, the Notre Dame Catholic College in Caguas, as a music teacher.

Since then, Rosario persues his music creativity, working with producers Edward Reyes and Alejandro Montalban and various record labels such as B.M.G. and Sony as a composer, arranger and producer for: Melina Leon, Jessica Cristina, Sergio Vargas, Bombazo Navideño, Raul D’Blasio, Edwin Rivera, Los Sabrosos del Merengue and Gisselle.