La India

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico and raised in the South Bronx, the first memories of Linda Caballero as a singer go back to when she was six years old. “I always sang at home and whenever I did it in front of people, despite being a bit shy, I never felt embarrassed.” At seven she began to take opera lessons which she abandoned after a short while.

At the age of 16, after modeling briefly, India decided to become a singer in the dance group TKA, one of the first ensemble of the Latin Hip Hop generation. This is the most important music movement to come out of the streets of New York since the Fania years. Her own success was facilitated by “Little” Louie Vega, who she later married. He would play a very important role in India’s personal life and professional career.

La India has made huge splashes in the world of Latin music. Her style focuses on mixing Latin music with intense emotional overtones. Her musical heroes, were none other than Celia Cruz and Ella Fitzgerald. Both her experience as well as her talent already show the enormous possibilities of a young performer who delivers her songs with equal ease whether she is singing Afro-Caribbean music or dance, or rhythm and blues.

She started out with her debut album in 1989, Breaking Night that featured hip hop and pop music styles.

After her debut, there was a marked change in the style of music, emphasizing more of her Latin roots. La India has had her own style of music and has worked with several other leading musicians like Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Grover Mitchell and Sergio George.

In 1992, Eddie wrote and co-produced all songs in her album, Llego La India. In 1994, she was a roaring Top 50 Billboard Latin music hits with Dicen Que Soy for months on end, produced by Sergio George.

That year also saw her collaboration with Marc Anthony on a duet, Vivir lo Nuestro that was a great hit for both talented artists.

In 1996, her album, Jazzin’, produced by Tito Puente, featured hits such as “Fever”, “Love for Sale”, “Going Out of My Head” and “What a Difference a Day Makes”. Also in 1996, a remix album, Mega Mix was released featuring many of her favorite songs. 1997 brought Sobre El Furgo to the fore with Celia Cruz. 1999 marked the release of yet another La India album, Sola, with songs such as Hielo.

La India next released her Best of India album, covering songs from her RMM recordings, including the 1994 duet with Marc Anthony.


Oro Salsero (2003)

Todo Exitos de India y Brenda K. Starr (2002)

Serie 32 (2002)

Latin Songbird: Mi Alma y Corazon (2002)

Edicion Limitada (2002)

The Best... (2001)

Breaking Night [Bonus Tracks] (2000)

Sola (1999)

Sobre el Fuego (1997)

Mega Mix (1996)

Jazzin (1996)

Dicen Que Soy (1994)

Llego La India (Via Eddie Palmieri) (1992)

Breaking Night (1990)