Dunbar, Huey

One of the founding members of the latin rock group DLG, Huey Dunbar can’t imagine being anything but a musician. “I have many interests,” says the 26-year-old New Yorker, “but no matter what I’m doing, my mind always drifts back to music and the stage.” It’s this deep love of music that has taken him around the world, and soon will take him on a new journey: his solo career.

Dunbar began the transition from lead singer of DLG to solo artist at the end of 1999. When he wasn’t on tour with the band, Dunbar was in the studio working on his first solo release, “Yo Sí Me Enamoré.” As a soloist, Dunbar was able to express himself in ways he couldn’t within the confines of a group. “God blessed me to sing,” says Dunbar, “so I don’t want to sing just one style of music. This new album allows me to express myself in new genres such as boleros, ballads, and dance music.”

Being a soloist also gives Dunbar the opportunity to pair up in duets with different artists. On “Yo Sí Me Enamoré,” Dunbar sings a duet with beautiful Mexican superstar Lucero who is loved throughout the world as both actress and singer. The album features two versions of the scintillating duet, Lo Siento one in pop/ballad and the other in salsa. The best songwriters and producers in the business were brought in for the project, including Kike Santender, Omar Alfanno, Sergio George, Ray Contreras and Jimmy Greco, Gustavo Marquez, Alejandero Jaen, and Fernando Osorio.

This new phase of Dunbar’s career is both exciting and humbling. Dunbar sees the album as a reflection of everything he’s learned on the road, and from the countries and people he’s visited. In the end, he recognizes both where his talent comes from and how he must honor it by expanding the boundaries of his artistic career. Dunbar quotes his music teacher, saying, “You can’t take credit for the talent that God gave you. It’s what you do with it that counts.”

Dunbar’s latest release: Music For My Peoples came in 2003 on Sony Records.


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Music for My Peoples (2003)

Yo Si Me Enamore (2001)

Gotcha (1999)

Swing On (1997)

Dark Latin Groove (1996)