Haciendo Punto en Otro Son

This popular quintet was formed in October, 1975, in San Juan, Puerto Rico and consisted of Tony Croatto, Silverio Pérez, Josy LaTorre, Irvin García, and Nano Cabrera. All five came with great experience from other groups to form this unique union, giving it “punto” through rich harmonies between voices and instruments.

They set to work on the first album with a repertory of rhythms and songs with verses taken from the works of writers such as Puerto Rican poets, Juan Antoñio Corretjer and Luis Lloréns Torres. These were combined and interwoven with Cuban and South American musical themes, contributions from the Nueva Trova of Puerto Rican popular songs, along with themes, sometimes humorous, imported from Europe.

The recipe worked well. The debut album of eleven songs was an instant classic with hits such as “Verde luz” (lyrics), “La vida campesina”, “Ensillando mi caballo”, “Mujer de 26 años”, “En la vida todo es ir” and others.

Their second album, Oubao Moin was another success although it was the last release by the original group. Both Tony Croatto and Nano Cabrera left but José “Pache” Cruz and Iván González joined the group.

Their 1977 release of El son que te traigo yo earned the remaining trio the number one spot in the charts on the strength of songs such as “La muralla” composed by Nicolás Guillén. Following this, yet another member of the group left, this time Silverio Pérez. The group was then an institution with changing membership over time but always true to the band’s musical roots. Members at one time or another, included Nena Rivera, José Vega, Rayda Cotto, Iván González, Nana LaTorre, Jorge Santiago Arce, Millito Cruz and Moncho Díaz.

Before the end of the band in 1986, they left behind a legacy of 9 record albums with a rich legacy of enchanting songs such as El Cuero Sonó, composed by “Pache” Cruz. Their concerts in major venues throughout Puerto Rico made music history on the island as they likewise did in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, the United States and other countries where they appeared.

Their (Puerto Rico) television special “Un abajito y queriendo”, in 1976 was artistic success that carried over in other productions such as “Tierra, tierra”, “Nueve años en Otro Son”, “Punto final”, and y Travesía”, which won an ACE Award in the United States.

The band regrouped in 1992 for a concert appearance in San Juan’s Bellas Artes concert hall. In a follow-up Josy, Silverio, Irvin and Tony have formed a cuartet called Punto por Punto that has released their first recording: “Antología de la Nueva Canción”.

The group reappeared again 1999, releasing an excellent recording full of folk themes. Of these, the song “A mano pelá”, composed by Silverio Pérez, was a hit on the airwaves. The album marked the entry of the group to Christmas music and was accompanied by a concert in San Juan’s Tapia Theater on 5 January 2000.


Haciendo Punto En Otro Son (2000)

Tierra Y Otros Cantares (2000)

Oubao Moin (1996)

Haciendo Punto En Otro Son Vol 2 (----)

Haciendo Punto En Otro Son Vol 2 (----)

El Son Que Te Traigo Yo (----)