Méndez, Freddie

José Alfredo Méndez, known by all as Freddie Méndez, has been working since 1989 as a pianist, keyboardist, arranger, and producer.

A native of Guayama, Puerto Rico, he became interested in music at age 9 when he began taking music classes at the Colegio San Antonio of the same town. His first instrument was the saxophone (alto and tenor), which he mastered and was playing until 1991.

At age 14, he took time to form part of Grupo Merenguesón, where he began to learn the piano. and he went through various rock and salsa bands. In 1990, he began has baccalaureate studies in music at the Interamerican University Department of Music in San Germán campus; he then transferred to the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.

As a pianist, he has traveled to many countries, among others, the U.S., Canada, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany. In 1990, he was musical director of Group Káviar; in 1992 he took over as pianist of Bonny Cepeda’s orchestra; in 1994 he was pianist of Limi-TXXI; at the beginning of 1996, he took over Manny Manuel‘s orchestra. Since 1997, he directed the Concerto 7 Orchestra. Additionally, he has been guest pianist to Grupo Mania, Grupo Mateos, Melina León, Milly Quezadas, Ray López, and Ronnie Soler, among others.

Freddie Méndez is the current President of, a business which he founded in 1990. The same entered the Internet in December 1996 and formally began his business on July 14, 1997.