Goyco, Felipe

Composer and musician Felipe “Don Felo” Goyco was born 1 Febuary 1890 in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Although he worked as a sanitation inspector, he earned extra income as a musician in his spare time; accompanying dance bands as a guitarist. He is noted as one of the best guitarists of his time, and remembered for his work with cuatro virtuoso, Ladí‘s Conjunto Típico Ladí and Conjunto Aurora, and accompanying the duet Quiñones-Jesús.

As a composer, Goyco is remembered for beautiful romantic songs of which two stand out as classics, lodged deep the heart of Puerto Rico’s music history: Madrigal and “Desde Que Te Fuiste”. Both songs were also known by different titles, such as “Estando Contigo”, instead of “Madrigal”, and “Cuando Vuelvas”, instead of “Desde Que Te Fuiste”.

Goyco was also known for his mastery of jíbaro vocabulary. This is evidenced in songs such as “Mi Jaragual”, which he composed in the late 1940’s.