Familia Cepeda

Luis “Chichito” Cepeda
The Cepeda Family is one of the most famous exponents of Puerto Rican folk music, with generations of musicians working to preserve the African heritage in Puerto Rican music. The family is well known for their performances of bomba and plena folkloric music and are considered by many to be the keepers of those traditional genres.

Led by the family patriarch, Rafaél Cepeda until his death in 1996, other family members that contribute to this mission are: Luis “Chichito” Cepeda (director and percussion), Modesto Cepeda (vocals), Roberto Cepeda (vocals and percussion), William, Carlos, Alba, Jesus and Luis “Hadji” Cepeda (percussion), with Petra, Brenda, and Wichie Cepeda (vocals). William Cepeda, also has his own band: Grupo Afro Boricua.

Despite his family’s intimate association with folkloric music, William Cepeda has also ventured beyond plena and bomba to jazz and developed a unique style which he calls “Afrorican Jazz”.

The Cepeda family’s latest album, Dancing the Drum, was released in 2003 on Bembé Records. The album is based on the documentary film of the same title, directed by Ashley James and produced by noted ethno-musicologist, Roberta Singer. It showcases the mastery of the Puerto Rican bomba and plena as only these celebrated artists can perform including an interpretation of the famous plena, El Bombon De Elena.


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