Colón Zayas, Edwin

Edwin Colón Zayas was born on 27 October 1965 in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. A talented composer, arranger and director, Colón is best known as a musician with a passion for the cuatro, performing throughout Puerto Rico, the United States, and other countries in Asia, Europe and South America.

Colón grew in a musical family that cherished their national folk music. By age six, he also showed interest in music and his father taught him to play the guitar and the cuatro.

Colón has either performed, arranged or directed more than 80 recordings for Puerto Rican artists, to date in his career. He has also recorded 10 albums as a solist playing his beloved cuatro, in songs and danzas like the famous Bajo Las Sombras de un Pino composed by Juan F. Acosta, and the beautifully melodic national anthem of Puerto Rico, La Borinqueña, composed by 100% puertorriqueño.

In 1991, Colón was invited to perform at two more special events. The first for the innaugural concert of the San Juan Pops Orchestra, in San Juan’s Bellas Artes concert hall. The other one was the International Guitar Festival held in San Juan. In yet another international competition, this time in 1992 at the Sevilla Expo, he went head-to-head against famous Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucía and received rave reviews for his performance from the Spanish and Puerto Rican critics.

Much less competitive but equally satisfying was his 1992 concert appearance along with salsa great Willie Colón and fellow cuatro master, Yomo Toro in the Christmas concert, “Asalto navideño”.

Colón won critical international acclaim for his next album, Bien jíbaro, Country Music of Puerto Rico, which he recorded together with the band Taller Campesino in 1993. The next year Colón and Taller Campesino would perform for United States President Bill Clinton during a 4th of July celebration and a concert tour in Japan during 1994.

Some years later, in 1996, Colón was the invited solist of the week by the San Antonio (Texas) Symphony Orchestra where he again gernered rave reviews for his performance of the “Concierto Criollo” composed by Ernesto Cordero.

By the end of the 1990’s, Colón had performed together with other notable artists such as Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives, Eddie Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Tony Vega.


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Cuatrorriqueño (1999)

Bien Jibaro! (1994)

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