Ednita Nazario

Actress and singer, Ednita Nazario was born on 11 April 1955 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She started her exceptional professional career as as a performer at a very young age. She went on stage live to sing in a show dedicated to popular singers of that time. She earned a doll for efforts and a chance to record, releasing “Mi amor lolipop” in 1966.

In 1970, she reappeared , together with José Manuel Zambrana in a band called The Kids from Ponce. Backed by influential producer Luis Vigoreaux, the band performed in night clubs and on television. The break up of the band did not, however, slow down the indefatigable Nazario. She went on to win the title of “Miss Teenage Puerto Rico”, performed in night clubs, on the radio and television, and released her debut album Al fin… Ednita in 1973.

Nazario’s first hit song was the ballad “Te quiero y no me importa”, but it would another three years before her career got on track as a recording artist. However, during that time she did have continued success as a night club performer and on television.

On return to the recording studios in 1976, Nazario had the support of actor José Ferrer which she compounded when the royal family of Monaco requested that she perform at a luxurious night club in Monte Carlo. So, without any promotion effort on her part and with nary a single released album, she found her popularity as a music performer on the rise.

Nazario eventually signed with the Borinquen record label and launched a string of successful recordings. Her song “Me está gustando”, waa a hit on the radio across the island, and followed with songs such as “Vete, vete”, “Abrázame”, “Lo siento ahora” with equal success.

In 1978 Nazario produced perhaps her best album: Mujer Sola. Three smash hits showing her maturity as an artist, emerged from this release: “Encuentro”, “Mío” and “Estoy bien junto a ti”.

Soon after, Nazario left Borinquen and signed with Ariola which produced her debut rock/pop album: Retrato de Mujer, with hit songs “Mi mente… en mi cuerpo”, “Mañana” and “No me dejes no”. The following year, a rerelease of the album included the smash song “Cadenas de fuego” that Nazario had sung at the OTI Festival. The song was distributed in both English and Spanish language versions. Although the song did not earn her first prize at the festival, the following year she did earn first prize as composer (Laureano Brizuela was co-composer) for the song “Contigo Mujer”, sung by Rafael José.

The 1980’s started off with another change in record companies. This time Nazario switched to Padosa, which was producing records for Menudo at that time. The artist went back to ballads such as the song “A que no le cuentas” and recorded several other hit songs including “La prohibida”, “Así eres tú” and “Ese muchacho”. But perhaps the biggest of her hits was the theme song for Puerto Rican soap opera, “Coralito”. The song was a mega hit that was broadcast throughout Latin America.

In 1986, Nazario followed up that great success with yet another hit ballad, “Tú sin mí”. By the end of the 1980’s her collection of hit tunes included “Alma de gitana”, “Fuerza de gravedad”, “El dolor de tu presencia”, “Aprenderé”, “Que me ame más”, and “Mi corazón tiene miente propia”, among others.

Nazario wa able to secure her position as the leading lady of ballads in the 1990’s. She had recorded various gold and platinum albums. Nazario had also appeared in many concerts and other events at famous Puerto Rican venues such as Club Tropicoro, the Antonio Paoli concert hall at the Centro de Bellas Artes in San Juan and the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan. She also gave a sold-out concert at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in 1993 which resulted in her album Ednita Nazario Live which featured many of her hit songs, including Tú Sin Mí.

Nazario has also participated in the several of the annual Christmas productions produced by El Banco Popular, celebrating music in Puerto Rico. Among them, “Guitarra mía”, “Siempre piel canela” and “Romance del cumbanchero”. Another special event in which she performed was for the 1996 Olympic Games, called “Voces unidas”.

Nazario’s talents are certainly not limited to the recording studio or concert stage. She had a leading role in Paul Simon’s ill-fated 1999 Broadway production called “Capeman”, across from Puerto Rican salsa star Marc Anthony. She performed well despite the short run of the play.

With the new millenium, Nazario signed with Sony which produced her next album: Sin límite and hit song “Devuélveme”. The change of recording companies to the internationally distributed Sony, bodes well for talented artist.


Viva la Diva (2004)

Latin Classics (2003)

30 Exitos Insuperables (2003)

Edicionlimitada (2002)

Acustico, Vol. 2 (2002)

Acustico [live] (2002)

Solo Lo Mejor: 20 Exitos (2001)

Sin Limite (2001)

Under Suspicion [Sound Track] (2000)

Mas Grande Que Grande (2000)

Mis Mejores Momentos (1999)

Corazon (1999)

Por Siempre Ednita (1997)

15 Grandes Exitos (1997)

Exitos Y Recuerdos (1996)

Espiritu Libre (1996)

Exitos Del Recuerdo (1995)

Pasiones (1994)

En Vivo! [live] (1994)

Mis Mejores Canciones (1993)

Metamorfosis (1992)

Tu Sin Mi (1991)

Super Exitos (1991)

Super Exitos De... (1991)

Lo Que Son Las Cosas (1991)

Fuerza De Gravedad (1991)

Retrato De Mujer (1989)

Viva la Diva (----)