Santiago, Eddie

Eddie Santiago was born on 18 August 1961 in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. By age ten, Santiago demonstrated great love and talent for salsa music. He performed with several groups, including Generación 2000, Orquesta La Potente, Orquesta Opus, and the Orquesta Saragüey.

In November, 1986, Santiago started his career as a soloist and formed his own band, recording songs including: “Tú me quemas”, “Qué locura enamorarme de ti”, and “Lluvia”, and many others. His first recordings quickly became international hits.

In 1988 Santiago gave a show at the ‘Palacio de los Deportes’ (Sports Palace) in Mexico City, which vaulted him in front of international audiences. He also recorded for the TH, EMI Latin, and Polygram labels, including the well regarded production inspired by the music of Rafael Hernández, entitled “Enamorado”.

This was followed by his first recording with an international label, Sony Music, in 1999, entitled “Celebration: Epic Duets”. He was joined on that album with other new stars in the latin music scene, including Charlie Záa, Víctor Manuelle, Melina León, Huey Dunbar and Elvis Crespo. The album reignited Santiago’s career in his homeland of Puerto Rico and was named one of the best recordings of 1999 by the National Foundation for Popular Culture.


Serie Azul Tropical (2003)

40 Artistas (2003)

30 Exitos Insuperables (2003)

Edicion Limitada (2002)

Ahora (2001)

Serie Sensacional: La Sensacion de Eddie Santiago (2000)

Serie 32 (2000)

Salsa Live, Vol. 2 (2000)

Sigo Atrevido (1999)

Serie Millennium 21 (1999)

Celebracion: Epic Duets (1999)

Atrevido Y Diferente (1999)

Exitos Y Recuerdos [Madacy] (1997)

Enamorado (1997)

Colección Mi Historia (1997)

Show (1996)

Oro Salsero: 20 Exitos (1996)

Exitos y Recuerdos [EMI/CEMA] (1996)

De Vuelta a Casa (1996)

De Verdad: 15 Super Exitos (1996)

Lo Mejor (1995)

La Vida Musical de Eddie Santiago (1995)

Exitos del Recuerdo (1995)

Eddie Santiago [EMI] (1995)

Serie Platino (1994)

12 Super Exitos (1994)

Los Reyes de la Salsa (1994)

Intensamente (1993)

Cada Vez Otra Vez (1993)

El Rey de la Salsa Romantic (1992)

Invacion De La Priva (1990)

New Wave Salsa (1989)

Soy El Mismo (1983)

15 Unicos Exitos (---)