DLG (Dark Latin Groove)

Dark Latin Groove (DLG) is a talented trio from the Bronx Borough of New York City. The group has helped changed stereotypical notions about just what constitutes latin music, adding to the already extensive palette of styles and rhythms to entertain the world.

Huey Dunbar is the lead singer of the group. He drew on his Puerto Rican roots and helped produce something quite new and exhilirating. Dunbar gained valuable experience singing in the chorus for La India on her platinum album “Dicen que soy” and felt ready to launch his own singing career.

James “Da Barba” de Jesús, was raised in the Harlem section of Nueva York. He had worked with Tito Nieves, with the hip-hop group Zhigge, and Sister Jah. After touring Japan and Europe for a couple of years, and recording sessions and performing in local clubs with types of bands, he decided to focus his talent on composing and arranging his own music. What resulted was a unique fusion: reggae-rap-salsa.

The third band member, Wilfredo “Fragancia” Crispin, did not come with the same preparation as his current colleagues but was so impressive when he auditioned in studio of Sir George, that he was immediately signed to a recording contract. Crispin was raised in Miami, Florida and the Bronx. He loved reggae music since childhood. Before he met Sir George, Crispin had worked with the famous merengue-rap duet called “Sandy y Papo”. With Crispin’s lyrics, the success formula for DLG was complete.

DLG’s songs have scaled the heights of Billboard‘s charts as well the salsa charts in the United States. Their first single, “No morirá”, hit the top spot on Billboard for six consecutive weeks and their second hit “Todo mi corazón”, also went to the top.

The group recently won the “Billboard International Latin Music Award” in the salsa category. They were also nominated for a Grammy in 1995 for “Best Tropical Latin Performance” and nominated as best new salsa artists in the “Lo Nuestro” competition.

Hollywood has also taken notice of the group’s music; singing their hit song from the summer of 1998: Muévete, in the movie “Woo” with Jada Pinkett, Tommy Davison and LL Cool J.

Their recent recording “Swing On” was a big hit and selling twice as many copies as their first release. It went triple platinum in United States’ latin market and likewise in Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Perú.

In 1998, the group toured Spain, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay, but at the end of the tour, Dunbar announced his intentions of going solo.


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Serie Azul Tropical (2003)

Tropihits (2001)

Greatest Hits (2000)

Gotcha (1999)

Swing On (1997)