Rivera, Danny

Music has been a way of life for Danny Rivera since he began singing in the Santurce neighborhood where he was born on 27 Febuary, 1945. He honed his musical talents by singing in a church choir during his youth. His humble surroundings and beginnings framed his character for life, in terms of his personal character and support for charitable causes.

He realized the start of the singing career he dreamed of when he was offered a job in a San Juan, Puerto Rico hotel with the popular orchestra led by César Concepción. He subsequently honored as best new singer of 1968 in the Popularity Festival which led in turn to several radio and television contracts.

His first recording was with a band called “Clean Cuts” and a year later he signed a recording contract with the Velvet label which helped launch his career as a popular singer in Puerto Rico. By 1969 he was at the top of the popular charts with hit songs such as “Porque yo te amo” and “Fuiste mía un verano”, followed shortly by “Manolo”, “Mi viejo” (lyrics), “Yo y la rosa” and “Va cayendo una lágrima”.

In 1971 he took the radio airwaves by strom with his hit song “Jesucristo”. A year later he solified his position as a top artist with his album, Mi hijo, which included hit songs such as “Tu pueblo es mi pueblo”, “Amada amante” and “Tantos deseos de ella”. His double album Danny Rivera en concierto, was a pioneering production in its genre during the decade of the ‘70’s.

He then signed with the Graffity label and released one of his most popular albums in the international market: Muy amigos sung together with popular American singer, Eydie Gorme. The most popular song from that album was “Para decir adiós”, written by Roberto Figueroa. He then recorded Alborada with an orchestra of the same name, which was recognized as the leading example of the new wave, or nueva ola of folkloric music of the 1970’s. He then signed with TH of Venezuela and released the Serenata album which included his rendition of the famous song “Madrigal” by Don Felo.

By the mid 1980’s, Danny started his own production company: D.N.A. and recorded classic songs on a two record set called: Así cantaba Cheíto González and Inolvidable Tito, in honor of the famous compatriot, Tito Rodriguez. He also recorded several popular albums of traditional Christmas music, including Pido paz, Controversia, Los niños Jesús del mundo, Mi canción es paz and Ofrenda.

To date, Danny’s records have gone gold three times, and silver four times with songs like Mí Pueblo Es Tu Pueblo that show his power, grace and style. He has received three Grammy nominations and has won numerous prizes and honors throughout Latin America. In Spain, where he lived for three years, he made four albums. In the USA, he has worked with stars such as Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie, and made his “Danny” album.

Danny has entertained in countless venues throughout Puerto Rico, Latin America and the United States. He also shared the stage with such will known artists as Julio Iglesias and Plácido Domingo.

During the 1990’s, Danny relased yet more hit albums, including Canto a la humanidad, Tiempo al tiempo and Daniel. He is the only Puerto Rican singer to perform in three consecutive seasons at New York’s Carnegie Hall, resulting in his live album: En Vivo Desde El Carnegie Hall with the wonderful track: “Alegoria” that so typically exemplifies his unique style. That record reached number one on the charts in Puerto Rico and selected Best Record by the National Foundation for Popular Culture in 1999.


Enamorado de la Paz (2002)

Latin Stars Series (2000)

En Vivo Desde El Carnegie Hall [live (1999)

Regalo de Amor Y Paz (1999)

Oro Romantico: 20 Grandes Exitos (1996)

Exitos (1996)

Serie Platino (1994)

Caras Del Amor (1994)

Brillantes (1994)

En La Intimidad Con Guitarras (1993)

Como Si El Amor No Importara (1993)

16 Canciones de Amor (1993)

Por Amor Se Da Todo (1993)

Danza Para Mi Pueblo (1993)

No Hay Distancia (1993)

Muchachito (1993)

Alborada (1993)

Daniel (1993)

Cada Vez Otra Vez (1992)

Tiempo Al Tiempo (1992)

20 Exitos (1991)

Canciones De Amor (1990)

Canto a La Humanidad (1990)

15 Exitos (1990)

Serenata (1990)

El Dia Que Me Quieras (1988)

Mi Cancion Es Paz (1987)

Amar O Morir (1987)

Ofrenda (1987)

A Mi Me Pasa lo Mismo Que A Usted (1986)

Asi Cantaba Cheito Gonzalez, Vol. 2 (1985)

Controversia (1985)