Avellanet, Chucho

Over the course of several decades of hard work, Chucho Avellanet has established a solid musical career for which he is known as one of the most popular voices in Puerto Rico.

His artistic career started in the 60’s as a member of the Trio Los Duendes. In one of his performances in the western region of Puerto Rico, his musical talents were discovered by Cuban producer Gaspar Pumarejo, and immediately recruited to act for television

Avellanet’s first break came when, under the direction of Alfred D. Herger, he joined and became an idol of the nueva ola or New Wave movement that performed “rock” music, a la Puerto Rico. It produced his first recording: Fugitiva.

Joining the clan of artists known as Canta la Juventud, the singer from Mayagüez became known in other countries as well. He performed and acted in Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. He was even know throughout theaters in Hispanic communities throughout the United States. In Venezuela, where he was considered an idol, he was at the top of the local charts for 17 weeks with his song “Jamás te olvidaré”.

In the second half of the 60’s, Avellanet joined the United Artists record label, for which he produced more than 15 recordings, among them In a Little Spanish Town, sung entirely in English, and the classic of his musical career: Love & Violins, recorded with Leroy Holmes. This album included his now famous song “Mil violines”.

With the UA Latino label, he created numerous hits: “Canta muchachita”, “Se acabó”, “Ya no existe el amor”, “La primera novia”, “Si yo fuera rico”, “Manolo”, “Love Story” and “Por ti”, among others, such as the charming ballad, partial MP3 audio clip Romance.

In 1972, Avellanet competed in the first OTI Festival, hosted in Spain. There, he represented Puerto Rico by singing “Por Ti” written by Guillermo Venegas Lloveras, and won fourth place.

That same year, the popular Puerto Rican singer became the first Latin American invited to perform at the annual Miss Universe contest, held then in Dorado, Puerto Rico. He opened the door for future appearances at the contest by international Latin figures such José Luis Rodríguez and Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, by virtue of his performance.

Over the course of the recent decades, Avellanet concentrated more of his efforts as an actor in television productions. His was part of many of many shows broadcast in Puerto Rico, including “El Show de Chucho y Lissette“, “Señoras y señores”, “Con Chucho Avellanet” and “El Show de Chucho Avellanet”.

But he also maintained his musical career with various concerts in the principal hotels in San Juan and across the country. He also performed in eight movie productions, among them “Libertad para la juventud” and “Un amante anda suelto”.

Entering a new stage in his music, Avellanet produced numerous recordings during the 80’s, such as “Qué mal amada estás”, “Será varón, será mujer”, “Hoy me recuerdas”, “Se me secó la piel” and “Abeja reina”. During this time, he recorded one of his greatest classics: “Recordando a Tito Rodríguez”, a tribute to one of Puerto Rico’s most famous musical artists, Tito Rodríguez. He also became his own record producer under the label Unicornio, where his first project was with Argentinian singer Alberto Cortez.

At the beginning of the 90’s, he launched his production “Estoy de vuelta”, which was acclaimed that summer in Spain as a result of competing inn the Expo 1992 Fair, in Sevilla, Spain.

After a lapse of inactity, his career regained momentum with the concert Chucho, Lucecita y Lissette: El encuentro, in 1994, in San Juan. The acclaimed concert co-starred his musical contemporaries Lucecita Benitez and Lissette, recorded and released internationally under the WEA Latina label.



Latin Roots (2000)

Historia Musical (1994)

Love and Violins (1994)

Tito Rodriguez: El Inolvidable (1994)

Boleros Inolvidables (Polydor) (1995)

Voces de Puerto Rico (1994)

Boleros de Amor (1994)

El Encuentro (1994)

Con Amor (1994)

Una Noche en Puerto Rico (1995)