Orta, Choco

A native of Santurce, Puerto Rico, Virgen Milagros Orta Rodríguez, known as Choco Orta for her beautiful “chocolate” colored skin, graduated with honors from the University of Puerto Rico, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in theater education.

Orta started her career in show business in 1979, by performing comedy and singing acts with renowned Puerto Rican actor Antonio Pantojas. She continued her career with theatrical presentations, which included “The True Story of Pedro Navaja, Vejigantes, and Las Bohemias”, a play with a cast of seven women.

As a dancer, Orta studied with several well-known Puerto Rican dance instructors such as José “Junito” Betancourt, Sarita Ayala and Ita Medina. Her vocal skills and training were perfected under the private supervision of professors Fonseca and Darisabel Isales. Her knowledge of music theory and solfeggio she accredits to her years of study at the Puerto Rican Conservatory of Music. But it is her passion, her devotion and appreciation of Afro-Caribbean percussion instruments and rhythms, which sets this multi-talented artist apart from most other performers. She brilliantly integrates exciting conga solos in her nightclub and concert performances, a thrill to watch “live”.


Reina del Sabor (2001)

Sentimiento y Sabor (1998)