Gonzalez, Cheito

Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico on 21 January 1935, Cheito Gonzalez was an important figure in the world of bolero music in Puerto Rico.

From an early age, Gonzalez demonstrated great musical talent and was performing on radio shows in his teens. At that time, he also suffered a disfiguring accident that resulted in the loss of his left eye. The accident and deformity greatly affected Gonzalez his whole life.

His professional career took hold when he joined the Trio América in Puerto Rico, leaving for New York by 1950. His successful career spanned several other bands and trios, including the Trio Santurce, Trio Murcianos and the Trio San Juan, with which he recorded many albums until his departure in 1958.

Gonzalez then went on to join Los Tres Reyes, replacing Hernando Avilés, formerly of Trio Los Panchos. He stayed with the trio for little more than one year before he returned to Puerto Rico only to return to the United States, where he died in 1962.

The short but illustrious career left an indelible mark on the music of Puerto Rico, with songs such as “Una noche más,” “Fruto amargo” and “Diez lágrimas”, written by Guarionex Gonzalez. He was remembered by many and honored in 1985 by bolero and pop singer, Danny Rivera, who recorded the two disc, “Asi Cantaba Cheito Gonzalez”, featuring the music which made Gonzalez famous and loved, such as Cuando Vuelvas. Although it was not a great commercial success, Rivera also included other boleros performed by Gonzalez in another album: “En Vivo Desde El Carnegie Hall”, released in 1999.