Dueño Colón, Braulio

Born on March 26, 1854 in San Juan and died in 1934, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where he livedmost of his life. His father was a distinguished musician who encouraged his son’s musical aspirations.

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Between the ages of 14 and 23, he dedicated himself to composing dance pieces. His first triumph in the field of music for first prize in the literary-musical competition of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño in 1877, with his orchestral overture entitled “Friendship”. From that point on, Dueño won all the Ateneo competitions until he was made a member of the judging panel.

His most important contribution to Puerto Rican culture was his collection of school songs he composed for schools throught the island, with lyrics by Virgilio Dávila and by Manuel Fernández Juncos. In this collection, the immortal melody “La tierruca” appeared for the first time.

The danzas of Dueño Colón, although composed in the style of Juan Morel Campos, had a distinctive character. “Delia y Belén”, “Patria”, y “La Criolla” were the best known. In the danza “La jíbara alegre”, he combined the danza form with another musical genre known as “seis chorreao”, introducing a new 6/8 rhythm instead of the traditional 2/4.

In addition to being a composer and musician, he was an excellent musicologist, leaving us an interesting study on the Puerto Rican danza which is the most reliable source on the danza’s origins.


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