Bobby Capó

Bobby Capó was born Félix Manuel Rodríguez Capó, on 1 January, 1922 in Coamo, Puerto Rico. He was a noted composer, singer, and TV director. His career began when he replaced Davilita in the Victoria Quartet, directed by Rafael Hernández.

He later moved to New York and became the musical idol of Cuba in the 40’s and famous throughout Latin America. He was a member of the famous orchestra of Xavier Cougat, but it was his recordings as a solo vocalist that really brought him fame around the world. His best known compositions were “Piel Canela” (lyrics), “El negro bembón” (lyrics), “El bardo”, “Luna de miel en Puerto Rico”, “Sin fe”, “Triángulo” and “María Luisa”. His nostalgia for his beloved Puerto Rico inspired classic songs such as “Soñando con Puerto Rico” (lyrics).

Capó mastered many different musical genres and was the first Puerto Rican to compose an internationally acclaimed ballad with his composition of “Llorando me dormí”. This was followed by many others such as, Sale el Sol, sung here by the legendary “Sonero Mayor”, Ismael Rivera. During the 60’s he composed the noted piece: “Jacqueline”, dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier, the first lady of the United States at the time.

By the decade of the 70’s, Capó worked in the Puerto Rico Department of Labor’s Division of Migration in New York. He died on 18 December, 1989.


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