Bio Ritmo

Based in Virgina, USA, this talented salsa group has been highly successful performers of original works since they formed the band in 1991. In large part, this is due to their freedom from the current salsa “formula” and instead, creating salsa music that incorporates historically important influences such as bomba, soul, jazz and afro-latin rhythms come to life. According to band spokesman, Gabriel Tomasini, their style is “old-school with a twist”.

The band consist of nine members: Gabriel Tomasini on percussion, Guistino Riccio on percussion and vocals, Bob Miller on trumpet and vocals, Tim Lett on trumpet, Tobias Whitaker, on trombone, Marilysse Simmons on keyboards, Jonathan Sullivan on bass guitar and Rei Alvarez on vocals.

Performing primarily in the Virginia and area around Washington, DC, the band released their first CD, Que Sigue La Música in 1996 on the Shameless label. The band continued with their live performances all across the United States and Puerto Rico and have appeared with such legendary salsa stars as Tito Puente and other stars and bands, such as Poncho Sanchez and the Dave Matthew’s Band.

The band’s second album, Salsa Galactica was released in 1997 and have recently (2003) relased their third album, Bio Ritmo with a fresh collection of original songs that have consistently garnered highly favorable reviews.

This latest album features the rich voice of Puerto Rican born Alvarez backed by energetic percussion and powerful horn section with creative and energetic songs like Jabula. Although most of the songs were written by Alvarez, Riccio also contributes a song, “Para Los Romperos”, and another was co-written with Simmons: “Atravete”.


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