Ashley, nicknamed “La chica bomba”, was born on 27 October 1975 in Puerto Rico and began her singing career as a back-up singer in several bands. She got her break when she landed with a female merengue band called “Las chicas del Clan” and became their lead singer for three years.

In 1997, the merenguera decided to go solo and released Yo Soy La Bomba with the hit song of the same name, partial Real Audio clip Yo Soy La Bomba. The debut albut album went Gold and Platinum in sales.

In 1997 she followed up with her second recording, Yo Soy la Reina and the next year, saw Ashley performing a duo with another Puerto Rican merengue star Elvis Crespo at the annual “Tu Música” awards ceremony. She released what some consider to be her best album, Abrazame in 1999.

Ashley’s latest CD Sabor a Dulce was released in 2001. In this offering she interprets merengue songs in a Tex-Mex style, including three remakes from prior albums. The album was made to appeal to the Tejano audience that received her well during her Texas concert tour.



Oro Merenguero (2000)

Abrázame (1999)

Yo Soy la Reina (1997)

Yo Soy La Bomba (1997)