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Puerto Ricans have music in their genes. It surrounds them and pervades every aspect of their lives. From the gentle rhythm of the danza to the native plenas to hot salsa. These are their contributions to the world of music and a great part of their legacy.

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This site is produced by Evan Bailyn, as a free service to explore the full breadth and depth of Puerto Rican music with sights and sounds that will bring alive the vibrant world of a musical people.

The site has pages describing native musical instruments and music genres. It also features short biographies of artists; composers, vocalists, and musicians, that have contributed their creative talents to furthering the unique cultural heritage of Puerto Rico's music.

Each biography has links to a glossary of terms and other site pages, and a discography section, where appropriate.

The site also includes audio files in the artist bios to enhance the descriptions. These are marked with speaker and several different formats are used: midi, mp3, ram. You must have the appropriate plug-in or player software available to enjoy these music files. The help page may be of use for tips on downloading the approrpiate software and its usage. In most cases, the audio clip is only for a portion of the composition in order to avoid copyright infringement. Audio clips have also been collected together in a special section: Audio clips, organized by genre, instead of by artist.

In short, this site will help bring to life the vibrant universe of Puerto Rican music. The site is still under construction, so some things are still not available, but since the music keeps evolving, the site will always be dynamic.