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As a non-profit organization, the Music of Puerto Rico Foundation depends on the public to make it a success: donors who help with their financial support, and volunteers that help produce and maintain our great collection of web pages.

We are always in need of volunteers and grateful to them for their contributions. See our list of volunteers and their contributions.

If you are interested in helping in your spare time, but not sure how to help, pick from special volunteers programs.

Editor Program

..."own" a page on this website!

Pick a page, any page, that you would like to help maintain. If accepted, you get to edit and add information to that page and get your name as Editor, listed on the page itself for the world to see.

You do the research and writing from your home in your spare time and get the credit! Write in either English or Spanish. Our Translator volunteers will do the rest. Interested? See the Editor instruction guide, pick your favorite and request an Editor assignment.

Translator Program

...spread the word in another language!

Show off your language skills! Pick any page that needs a translation. Interested? See the Translator instruction guide, pick your favorite and request an Translator assignment.

Our most urgent need right now is for translating pages from English to Spanish. Accept a translation assignment and you get your name published on that page as credit!

Note to ALL volunteers:

While the contributions of our volunteers are valuable and appreciated, the Chief Editor is ultimately responsible for maintaining the quality of the published content and may suggest changes or make final edits to your contribution.

Also, requirements change over time, so assignments may be need to changed also. We ask all volunteers to be flexible and cooperative. If a change in assignment is suggested to you, you are free to accept or refuse, or even suggest an alternate assignment.

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