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Editor Instruction Guide and Selection Form

Instruction Guide

Being an Editor is an agreement to "maintain" the page that you select. This means that you would do research and writing to create the page and keep that page up to date.

For example, the Editor of an artist biography page would do research and writing:


  • make corrections of any errors
  • improve the style and readability
  • check every month for any new albums that artist might have released;
  • check for major news about that artist (won a Grammy; left the band; died, etc.);
  • find important information that might be missing from the current bio page.
  • keep track of the sources of your information; a list of references MUST be included with your text (biography, article or essay)

IMPORTANT! - Style guide

Before you start writing, check examples of our biograhpies to see the style! Here are some examples:

  • Short; use when you have very little information from your research:
  • Normal/medium; this is the preferred style and length
  • Long; use when you a large amount of information

Notice that the example biographies usually follow a certain style:

  • a short introductory paragraph which includes date and place of birth, and describes what the artist is known for (for example: singer, salsa)
  • a description of the artist's early development, education and training
  • a chronological description of the artist's career
  • describe the albums that the artist has produced (title and date)
  • make note of any songs that the artist is famous for
  • describe important collaborations with other artists
  • describe any significant contributions to the music of Puerto Rico
  • describe any awards the artist may have earned (for example: platinum record, Grammy, Paoli)
  • describe anything else you think is significant about the artist or his work
  • if the artist is deceased, describe the place and date of his death

Notice also that the example biographies have a foto and a sample audio file. If you are writing a NEW biography, try to send these also, along with your text. The foto can be JPG or GIF or BMP format and sent as an email attachment. The audio file can be MP3 or RM (Real Media) format and can also be sent as an email attachment.



  • You can use a document procesing program such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad or TextPad (for simple text editing; our preference)
  • You may suggest any corrections to the original Spanish version (such as grammar or syntax)
  • You may ignore all special formatting in your translation: links, fotos, etc.
  • make corrections of any errors in old version
  • improve the style and readability in old verion
  • add new material from your research

When you have completed your research and writing, send your text in an email to the Executive Editor.

The text that you send becomes the copyrighted property of the Music of Puerto Rico Foundation. If you want to submit material for which you own a copyright, please note that.

Thank you!

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