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The Collaboration of Willie Colón/Rubén Blades at Fania Records - Page 7

Maestra Vida - page 6       The Last Fight - page 8


Willie Colón/Rubén Blades

Canciones del Solar
de los Aburridos

Tiburon / Te Estan Buscando / Madame Kakalu / El Telefonito / Y Deja / Ligia Elena / De Que ?

Johnny Andrews / Rubén Blades / Sam Burtis / Milton Cardona / Willie Colón / Salvador Cuevas / Jimmy Delgado / Andy Gonzalez / Reynaldo Jorge / Lewis Kahn / José Rodriguez / Joe Santiago / Joe Torres

The following disc dated 1981 is located in the same 'solar' as the double album preceding, El Solar de los Aburridos (of the bored men), and picks up all the stories which happened to the neighbors of the family of "Maestra Vida". If "Tiburon", "El Telefonito" and "Ligia Elena" knew a great success, the album is much less inventive and revolutionary than the three precedenting. One can nevertheless note, in Ligia Elena lyrics, the permanence of texts on social matters. Ligia Elena is a girl of good family, intended to marry a doctor or a lawyer, who flees from it with a black trumpeter. While the mother deplores her sad fate, she who dreamed to have "grandchildren with fair hair, eyes and teeth", all the other rich girls of the district wonder when their trumpeter will come.

Apparently, after having replaced the guitar and the trombone on the discs preceding, an instrument was still missing for this piece, because all the mambo is from singing over the trombones. I particularly like the choruses of this piece, where the whole family, asphyxiated by the story of Ligia Elena, cries with despair, and the chorus which makes just "Mmmmm Mmmmm" while Rubén plays the distressed mother.

Maestra Vida - page 6       The Last Fight - page 8

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