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The Collaboration of Willie Colón/Rubén Blades at Fania Records - Page 6

With Strings - page 5       Canciones del Solar de Los Aburridos - page 7


Prologo / Manuela / Carmelo (Parte I) / Como Tu / Carmelo (Parte II) / Yo Soy Una Mujer / La Fiesta / El Nacimiento de Ramiro / Dejenme Reir (Para No Llorar)


Epilogo / Manuela, Despues... / Carmelo, Despues... / El Velorio / El Entierro / Maestra Vida / Hay Que Vivir

Willie Colón/Rubén Blades

Maestra Vida

Leopoldo Pineda, trombone / José Rodriguez, trombone / Lewis Kahn, trombone / Reinaldo Jorge, trombone / Willie Colón, trombone / José Torres, piano / Milton Cardona, tumbadora, quinto, claves / José Mangual Jr., bongos / Salvador Cuevas, bass / Johnny Andrews, timbales / Rubén Blades, vocals, acoustic guitar, maracas, percussion / Adalberto Santiago, maracas, coros

On the impetus of "Siembra", the two men came to explore this idea of coherence in discourse in the whole of an album (and even of two), by producing together (although only the name of Rubén is reproduced on the cover) a concept album, which extends on two 33rpm discs sold separately as "Maestra Vida", which tells the life of a family in two generations. Built almost like opera, with instrumental introduction and short scenes of dialogue between songs, this double disc approaches serious themes, like death, loneliness of grandparents who wait for visits of their grandchildren and who end by dying forgotten by all, but also lighter, in short, life in the 'solar' (community dwelling) of any city of America, with the birth of kid celebrated by the whole building (paying close attention to the furniture because one did not finish paying for them), the dialogue of people who find themselves at the cantina on the corner, etc. It is a certain Cesar Miguel Rondon who wrote the text of the narration and the dialogue. He was, a few years later, the author of the book at my bedside, "El Libro de Salsa. Crónica de Música del Caribe Urbano ".

With Strings - page 5       Canciones del Solar de Los Aburridos - page 7

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