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PLEASE help us continue publishing this website. Your donation of any amount is GRATEFULLY accepted.

Our financial statements for 2003, our first full year of operations as a non-profit corporation are now complete:

Expenses: Income:

$3,829.08   Total operating expenses
   $300.00     Copyright use fees
   $541.41     Commissions (note)
$2,984.67     Donations from the Trustees
        $3.00     Donations from the public
$3,829.08     Total operating income

We have NO contributions from the government, or from foundations or from corporations so
we depend entirely on YOU!

Donations of any amount to help support our mission may be sent to:

Music of Puerto Rico Foundation
91 Walker Ave.
W. Berlin, NJ 08091

Send a check or money order OR use your credit card
to make a safe and secure donation through Paypal!

All donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

Thank you!

Note on Commissions income:

Commissions were collected in 2003 from sales of CD's, sheet music and other products through our affiliations with and other online vendors. This income has been lost due to a government (United States IRS) regulation which prohibits non-profit organizations like ours to publish links to commercial websites.

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